TGE: Episode 14

Happy New Year! Welcome to Countryle: The Great Escape! Here is your game for 12/31/23.


Clue 1: This city is home to the world's largest beaver sculpture, which stands proudly in a park named after a prominent Canadian politician.

Clue 2: Known for its vibrant arts scene, this city hosts an annual festival that celebrates the art of shadow puppetry.

Clue 3: The city's unusual street names include "Electric Avenue" and "Memory Lane," adding a touch of whimsy to its urban landscape.

Clue 4: One of the city's popular attractions is a museum dedicated entirely to bananas, showcasing the fruit in various forms of art and exhibits.

Clue 5: Every winter, residents and visitors gather for a unique event where they can witness the spectacle of "ice canoeing" on the frozen rivers within the city.


I am Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.